Thursday, April 19, 2007

World's Superphone - Goldvish 'Le Million' Piece Unique

Designer Emmanuel Gueit's creation is unusually functional as far as super-expensive phones go. Such devices tend to exist solely to look pretty at parties that people like me don't get invited to. For a staggering $1.3 million, however, there'd be no excuse to offer anything less. But with a VVS-1 grade diamond to match every bit per second in its Bluetooth data rate, it's hardly an office mainstay.

A limited edition of 100 pieces will be distributed worldwide. The PLATO collection is only available on special request. GoldVish makes cell phones of unparalleled luxury backed by the highest levels of Swiss craftsmanship and precision.

Wow, just for a cellphone you spent all your bank cash, or maybe you couldn't afford to buy the keypad. its amazingly exclusive phone ever.

The GoldVish collection is in jewelry and communications design. Each GoldVish cell phone is equipped with the latest in mobile technology (quad-band for effortless worldwide reception, a camera and MP3 player, along with other features) and is hand-made in Switzerland, the home of ''haute horlogerie''.

The GoldVish cell phone, the most exclusive and expensive ever created, was designed by Emmanuel Gueit creative director of GoldVish. Gueit is well known in the watch and jewelry industry and designed the Audemars Piquet Royal Oak Off shore and the Z1 & Z2 of Harry Winston, a guarantee of true perfection, style and glamour.

Aiming for an exclusive design and unmatched excellence, GoldVish has used only top quality materials in the cell phone's design, including 18-karat solid gold, available in rose, yellow or white gold, and diamonds, all of D-E color and none less than VVS-1 clarity grade, as certified in the accompanying diamond grading reports.

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